Track Competitors On Social Media Using Unmetric’s “Sense” Mobile App

One of the best ways to improve upon your own success when you are competing against other companies that are selling similar products and services is to know exactly what they are doing. If you could find a way to track your competitors, especially on social media, this would be an excellent way to look at their success and also copy it. There is a company by the name of Unmetric that has created a mobile application called Sense. Here is an overview of what this app is able to do, and how it will be very beneficial to people that are using social platforms in order to do their marketing.

Tracking Your Competitors With “Sense”

If you want to track your competitors on social media, it’s very hard to do this manually, if it is possible to do on your own at all. The only way is with software that is able to operate at all times, monitoring what other advertisers are doing every day. Unmetric has created an application that provides what they call social media intelligence, targeting 200 of the largest global brands. Sense can do this, though a separate product with similar features to what the company itself actually does, allowing users to access their database. In this database, there are over 35,000 brands that are tracked, tracking 25 separate industry sectors. It is an auto captioned image-based application that displays this information, specifically for Facebook Twitter and Instagram. In the next few months, there is the possibility that they will be adding you to so that you can see what your competitors are doing there. You can actually look at an individual post, read the full text, and also check out the engagement metrics that are provided by this application.

A Unique Application That Fills A Specific Niche

This is what Unmetric CEO Lux Narayan has to say about this new product. Both competitors and customers are the two things that every successful marketer must be thinking about at all times. There are many different applications on the market such as survey monkey that can give you market research, but if you want competitive intelligence, then Sense is what you will need to use. You can stay on top of what your competition is doing anytime, anywhere, across these three social media platforms. There are actually different accounts that are available depending upon how much information you need, and what you are budget is for accessing this information, starting at about $490 a month.

The more information that you have about the competitors that you are up against, the better off you will be. If you could actually look at the campaigns that other people were using for similar products that they are selling, you could copy what they are doing and achieve a similar level of success. This is what Sense is able to do, and by taking advantage of what Unmetrics will provide, you will be a step ahead of the competition, allowing you to finally have that competitive edge that you need in order to boost your profits.
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