The Launch Of Periscope Rival On Facebook

Are you someone who loves to follow people that are famous and popular? Well, most of the social media sites relate to your feelings, which is why they made the entire idea of live steaming so much more easier. This way you can see exactly what your favourite star is doing at that particular time and follow them as well as communicate with them. A new social media that is also following the footsteps of Periscope is Facebook. Facebook obviously did not want to fall behind on this, which is why they decided to enable live steaming on their medium as well. However, this is only open to those who are verified and are stars of some kind. This is probably, done so that it easier to monitor just in case. Who knows, may be later on they will choose to open this feature up to more than just those who are stars, which would be pretty cool to see. Today, you will get more information about this new added feature and it’s benefits as well as talking about where you can get more information on this if you need it.

Why Would Someone Use This?

A lot of people do not understand how cool this feature actually is. The best way to test this out would obviously be to use it and see for yourself. If you are someone who loves to follow someone from the movie industry or fashion look to see if they will be hosting a steam anytime soon, if they are note down the time and where it will be shown. Then all you have to do is follow them around where they will also be answering a couple of your answers. This is probably going to be used as a marketing tool for those who would like to promote something of theirs. For instance, if someone is coming out with a new book, a new tv series season or movie they may use Facebook live stream as a way to talk to their fans and tell them more about their upcoming projects. There are so many things that this feature can be used for, which is why it is worth taking a look at it and learning more about it and the different features that it has because you will most likely end up loving every single bit of it.

For people who would be interested in learning more about this and how Facebook has designed it you should visit the site marketingland. This is a site that goes in more detail about what Facebook has envisioned when it comes to this project and how it works. You can also visit Facebook itself to learn more about how to use it and how to find who is steaming live. If you have more questions you can direct them to either Facebook or marketingland, as they may be able to help you out and get rid of any concern that you may have.

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