PART 2 Facebook Pages Respond To Comments Privately Now Available

How This Works

This actually works in a very simple manner. Those that are administrators of the page will now have the option to message customers by simply clicking a message opening up a new private thread. It will include the original comment, and will make it possible for you to comment directly, and the original question or complaint will also be shown. This is perfect for people that are on the go, answering and responding to questions that customers may have, allowing them to quickly provide a response. It is a great tool for people that are using Facebook for business purposes, and privacy issues are no longer a problem.

Measuring Response Time

There is actually a listing that will show how quickly or slowly you respond to messages, and by doing so, you can build up a very positive feedback on the type of support that you provide. When people see this, they may be more inclined to try your products out because they know that you will respond as fast as possible. You can actually achieve a rating of very responsive to messages if you are responding to 90% of them in less than five minutes each. All of this is calculated based upon 7 day intervals and will work in conjunction with the new local awareness advertising unit.

Once people are able to feel confident that they will be able to message you and get a response, they will feel more comfortable staying with your company. If you provide a monthly service, this is also beneficial, motivating people to stick with your service. This is a great addition for most businesses that are absolutely legitimate, trying to provide products and services that can help people in some way. Once this becomes common with most businesses that use Facebook, it will be a way of ranking the different companies that provide similar products and services, and those that have the best feedback on response time for comments will likely make the most money.