Facebook Pages – Respond To Comments Privately Now Available – PART 1

One of the easiest ways for someone to build a business is to create a Facebook page showcasing their products. Depending upon how you drive traffic to that page, it can actually become very profitable. What most people do not know is that Facebook has now allowed people to respond to comments privately on the pages that they create. Here is an overview of how that works and why this would be beneficial for people trying to build the business.

Responding To Comments Privately

Recently announced, Facebook Pages has now been improved in such a way that customer service updates will be streamlined. You are actually able to respond to any customer that has questions, or if they have complaints, and do so privately. In the past, you are not able to do this and were limited to responding within the same channel, specifically where the incoming message was posted. These interactions had to take place publicly, but now it is possible to do so in a private manner, making it very simple for business owners to interact with customers on an individual basis.

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